The Flint Fund

The story is now well-known. In 2014, Flint, Michigan switched to the Flint River, but neglected to add necessary anti-corrosive chemicals causing lead to leach from the water pipes. Experts and residents raised numerous alarms. For more than a year-and-a-half the government did nothing, and all that time Flint’s 99,000 residents were exposed to extremely toxic lead levels and told it was safe for drinking, cooking and bathing.

There is no safe level of lead. Those recorded in Flint were as high as 2.5 times the level of toxic waste. Lead causes a vast array of medical conditions, and once present it never leaves the body. The massive lead poisoning in Flint will be felt for at least a generation. Solving this problem is far beyond the capacity of the people of Flint, local or state governments. There is only one way to address the crisis in Flint, a Congressionally mandated Flint Victims Compensation Fund

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